Special Communities

We are an all inclusive practice where all are welcome- patients range from elite athletes to people with disabilities.  We are committed to cultural sensitivity and strive to meet the needs of people from diverse cultural backgrounds, including the LGBTQ community

Commonly Asked Questions

I identify as a member of the LGBQT community. Am I welcome to your clinic?

We are an all-inclusive practice where we welcome everybody, regardless of their race, gender, ability, financial status, culture, sexual preferences or gender identity. Our Doctors and staff are culturally competent and have been trained to be sensitive and compassionate to your needs. We excel in communication and our staff speak a diverse range of languages to better understand your problems.

I have very sensitive needs that I am worried about sharing. How can you help me?

We practice 100% ethical medicine, and part of that is adhering to patient confidentiality. We do not divulge any information disclosed by yourself to anybody if and unless we have your express consent. Our facility is designed to confer privacy to our patients, and our aim is to make you feel comfortable at every step of your patient journey with us.

Same day appointments available + evening appointments available every Tuesday.

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Appointment Request

This is ONLY an appointment request. A staff member will contact you within 24-48 hours to confirm your appointment date and time. Thank you!

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A Message from Dr. Jones

Shorter days and cooler temps remind us that we’ve reached the fall season. This also means open enrollment time for many health insurances include Medicare.  Now is the time to review your benefits and make decisions about your coverage plan for next year. 

If you have any concerns about access to providers in your insurance network, coverage for your medications or even deductibles and co-pays, consider contacting your insurance carrier and discussing these features of your current insurance plan. You can use this information to help make your insurance plan choices for next year. 

Remember, paying lower deductibles and copays might result in more restrictions on benefits. 

Take care.  Dr. J”