Referral to specialists

We refer our patients to a wide network of excellent medical and surgical specialists throughout the bay area.  We strive to coordinate your care with specialists to most effectively execute the treatment plan for the best possible outcome.

Commonly Asked Questions

Do I need to come for an appointment to get a referral to a specialist?

In most cases, a clinic visit is needed for a referral to a specialists. 

For a most efficient and effective consultation with a specialist, it helps to have the clinical question and basic work up done by your primary clinician.  This way we’re sure to get the information needed to address the clinical question at hand. A number of specialty clinics will not schedule an intake appointment without a clinic notes, labs and diagnostics from us first.


After doing my own research I’ve found a specialist I’d like to see, can I see her/him?

In many cases, your insurance has a preference for which specialists you see for your evaluation.  To expedite the process you can check with your insurance carrier and see if the provider is covered and/or in your insurance network.


Same day appointments available + evening appointments available every Tuesday.