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We are a group of experienced medical clinicians, dedicated to excellence in primary care and with special skill and expertise in the discipline of HIV medicine.   In specialty practice, we have over 40 years of experience between us in caring for members of the HIV community. We believe in advancing the preventative and therapeutic strategies of evidence-based health care with appropriate use of technology, and strive to keep abreast of the latest developments in this ever-changing space. To that end, we leverage on optimized and modern treatment strategies with a risk-analysis to minimize complications for our patients.

At our practice, we believe in holistic medical care. To that end, we offer a comprehensive general primary care package and screen for and manage highly prevalent conditions such as Hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiovascular Disease and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) amongst others. We develop goals and treatment plans together with our patients in shared decision-making and adhere to evidence-based clinical practice guidelines.

We believe that prevention is the best cure, and strive to screen for common cancers, elevated cholesterol, HIV and other Sexually Transmitted Infections, and develop a bespoke, customized plan for you to mitigate the development of these conditions. In regard to HIV prevention, we do offer PREP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) as well.

In our practice, we treat all our patients with care regardless of race, religion or gender. We are an all-inclusive practice where everybody is welcome, and we especially welcome members of the LGBTQ community. Our specialists are culturally competent and strive to meet the diverse needs of patients from a plethora of cultural backgrounds.

Anthony Jones, MD

Dr. Anthony Jones
Family Medicine & HIV Specialist

Jamie Young, NP

Jaime Young
Nurse Practitioner

Same day appointments available + evening appointments available every Tuesday.

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